Aboriginal Art Lizard


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Aboriginal people believed in natural sites. These sites were sacred to them, and it is also the location where seasonal rituals were performed. During these rituals the aboriginals created indigenous art such as; feather and fiber objects, they painted and created rock engravings, and also painted on bark of  the Eucalyptus tetrodonta trees. The belief is during ancient times mythic Aboriginal Ancestor Spirits were the creators of the land, and eventually became apart of it. Aboriginals refer to the spiritual world as “Jukurrpa. ” This is later translated to “Dreamtime” (Kampen-O'Riley, 2006). These ancestral beings inhabit the earth that emerged from underneath or voyaging from far off places. The aboriginals associate this within their laws, art forms, and even religious ceremonies. This mythological belief allowed the aboriginals to believe they could move to a greater spiritual level, and become more genuinely who they are meant to be. This is referred to as jimeran, or “making oneself”, by the aboriginals (Den Boer, 2012). Traditional Indigenous Australian art almost always has a mythological undertone relating to the Dreamtime of Indigenous Australian artists. [citation needed]