Ahmad Rashad Phylicia


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In 1985, Rashād married actress Phylicia Ayers-Allen, known for her work on Cosby Show. He proposed to her earlier that year on national television during the pregame show of NBC's broadcast of the Thanksgiving Day football game, between the Detroit Lions and the New York Jets. It was the third marriage for each of them. Unike many actresses, Phylicia took her husband's surname. She has kept the name "Phylicia Rashād" as her professional one since their divorce. Out of this marriage, he gained a stepson Billy Bowles (born 1973). After a year of marriage, they had a daughter, Condola Phylea Rashād, named after his mother. In 2001, after nearly sixteen years of marriage, they divorced. In 2005 he met his first biological son Geoffery Simmons through Amara (formerly Medina Adoption Agency). Geoffery had been put up for adoption in 1967 when Rashad's then long-term girlfriend Melody Daniels (maiden name Neal) gave birth to baby boy Neal. Rashad went on to college and Melody went back to school as well. In 2007, Rashād wed his fourth wife, Sale Johnson (ex-wife of Woody Johnson, Johnson & Johnson billionaire heir and New York Jets owner). He gained three stepdaughters from this marriage: Casey Johnson (1977–2010), Jamie Johnson (b. 1982), and Daisy Johnson (b. 1987). After Casey's death, they adopted Sale Johnson's granddaughter, Ava-Monroe (born August 14, 2006). They divorced in 2013.