Anaconda 3


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In Romania, an anaconda that was captured from the Amazon River is being held at a genetic research facility owned by Wexel Hall for experimentation when Professor Eric Kane has developed a serum for the Blood Orchid (the one recovered from the fountain after the ruins of the Borneo jungle). The research project is led by Dr. Amanda Hayes and funded by Peter "J. D. " Murdoch, a well-known industrialist. While visiting the facility, Murdoch provokes the anaconda with a large flashlight, and has it gassed to calm it down. However, as Murdoch, his assistant Pinkus and Daryl are about to leave, the anaconda kills Daryl and breaks through his enclosure's wall. As it escapes, it kills many of the people working in the laboratory. In looking through the facility, Amanda and the professor realize that the anaconda also freed the queen anaconda. The anaconda soon sneaks up behind them and crushes the professor to death in its coils and bites his head off. Murdoch calls in a team of animal hunters, led by Stephen Hammett to capture both snakes. Amanda and Pinkus go with them. At a small farm in the middle of the woods, the owner is eaten alive by one of the snakes.