Bijou Phillips 2017


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At 14, Phillips quit school and moved into her own apartment with a housekeeper, just off Fifth Avenue. Once described by The Guardian as a "wild child", she experienced a rebellious childhood in NYC, where she used to party, drink and take drugs, such as cocaine, ecstasy and even heroin. On this period of her life, she remarked: "If you were 14 years old and able to live on your own in an apartment in New York City, and you got invited to all these clubs, and you got a bank account and you had a car service you could call so that you could go wherever you wanted [. . . ] What would happen?". At 15, she reportedly lost her virginity to singer Evan Dando. Growing up, she became somewhat of a local tabloids' fixture due to her late-night persona and association with other socialites like the Hilton sisters. At 17, following the death of her friend, the 20-year-old Manhattan socialite Davide Sorrenti, due to overdosing on heroin, her father sent her into rehab, a process he was familiar with.