Bioshock 2 Eleanor Little Sister


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BioShock 2 opens on New Year's Eve, 1958 (2 years before the events of the first game), as Subject Delta patrols Rapture with his Little Sister, Eleanor. Eleanor is separated from Delta by her mother, Sofia Lamb, who uses a mind control plasmid on Delta to make him shoot himself. Ten years later, Delta awakens, revived by Little Sisters under the control of Eleanor. Delta is drawn towards Eleanor by their past Big Daddy-Little Sister connection. Brigid Tenenbaum encounters Delta, and explains that unless Delta reunites with Eleanor, he will fall into a coma. With the help of the Little Sisters under Eleanor's control and Tenenbaum's ally, former entrepreneur Augustus Sinclair, Delta makes his way towards Lamb's stronghold. Traveling through the city, Delta encounters members of the Rapture family such as Grace Holloway, a singer who had suffered under Ryan's unjust laws against revolt; Stanley Poole, a con artist whom had murdered many of the Family's members in Dionysus Square after foolishly trying to cover up his blunders from Lamb; and Gil Alexander, a respected scientist who worked at Fontaine Futuristics before Lamb transformed him into an encased monstrosity of flesh, who he can kill or spare, and learns Lamb's plan: she seeks to use ADAM to transform Eleanor into a perfect embodiment of her altruistic ideals. Lamb's ultimate goal is to have the collected minds and memories of everyone in Rapture become a part of Eleanor through the use of the genetic memory in ADAM, thus making her an "Embodiment of the Family" which Lamb believes will put an end to "The Self".