Brigitte Bardot Today


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Hélène Gordon-Lazareff, the then-director of the magazines Elle and Le Jardin des Modes, hired Bardot in 1949 as a "junior" fashion model. On 8 March 1950, Bardot (aged 15 at the time) appeared on the cover of Elle, which brought her an acting offer for the film Les Lauriers sont coupés from director Marc Allégret. Her parents opposed to her becoming an actress, but her grandfather was supportive, saying that "If this little girl is to become a whore, cinema will not be the cause. "[A] At the audition, Bardot met Roger Vadim, who later notified to her that she did not get the role. They subsequently fell in love. Her parents fiercely opposed their relationship; her father announced to her one evening that she would continue education in England and he had bought her a train ticket, which was to leave the following day. Bardot reacted by putting her head in the oven with open fire; her parents stopped her and ultimately accepted the relationship, on the condition that she marry Vadim at the age of 18.