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This season was the strongest year in their program's history. With a great tryout and Supercamp (again at sunny Galveston) they were off and running. They had actually made the tough decision to cut down the number of teams this year in order to better be able to focus on the athletes and the performances. This really helped us throughout the year at the various competitions. They had planned to compete across the country, with trips to both the east coast and west coast. That changed with the tragic events of September 11. They decided to take a year off from flying and traveling and focus on the competitions in Texas. This paid off in a big way, as they won more national titles than any other program has ever won in a single year. They won 7 divisions at NCA - beating their own record of 4 in a single season. They also won the NCA Grand Championship for the third year in a row. With titles at ACA, American Championships, Cheer America, and Cheer Power, they brought home a staggering 33 team national championship titles during this single season, bringing their overall total to 86. (Team championships only, this does not reflect a large number of individual, partner stunt, and group stunt titles)