Coastal Flooding Global Warming


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As coastal flooding is typically a natural process, it is inherently difficult to prevent flood occurrence. If human systems are affected by flooding, an adaption to how that system operates on the coast through behavioural and institutional changes is required, these changes are the so-called non-structural mechanisms of coastal flooding response. Building regulations, coastal hazard zoning, urban development planning, spreading the risk through insurance and enhancing public awareness are some ways of achieving this. Adapting to the risk of flood occurrence, can be the best option if the cost of building defence structures outweighs any benefits or if the natural processes in that stretch of coastline add to its natural character and attractiveness. A more extreme and often difficult to accept response to coastal flooding is abandoning the area (also known as managed retreat) prone to flooding. This however raises issues for where the people and infrastructure affected would go and what sort of compensation should/could be paid.