Danica Patrick Dancing With The Stars


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Patrick was born on March 25, 1982, in Beloit, Wisconsin. She is the daughter of working-class parents Beverly Ann (née Flaten) and Terry Joseph "T. J. " Patrick Jr. Her parents met on a blind date at a snowmobile event in the 1970s when Flaten was a mechanic for a friend's snowmobile. Patrick Jr. raced snowmobiles, motocross, and midget cars. They have owned a Java Hut and a plate glass company. Danica Patrick has a younger sister, Brooke, a pediatric physical therapist. She was raised in Roscoe, Illinois, and was a cheerleader at Hononegah Community High School located in nearby Rockton in 1996. She spent her off-time babysitting for a family down the road when she was not racing. When the girls were ten and eight respectively, their parents sought a hobby that would bring the family closer together. They saved money to purchase a pontoon boat, but its owner did not respond to their offer. The sisters told their parents of their wish to race go-karts after a friend of Brooke's allowed her to drive one; they were both given a go-kart.