Dark Queen Makeup


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The immortal Dark Queen is the ultimate enemy to the Battletoads, as she attempts to eliminate the 'Toads and Professor T. Bird in order to stop them from hindering her plans to rule the universe. She is depicted as a sinisterily beautiful woman with black big hair who shows off a voluptuous body clad in a dominatrix-style skimpy and tight black suit with high boots. Throughout the games there have been several inconsistencies regarding her actual size. Even though her height is stated to be 6 feet (182 cm) tall on her profile screen in the arcade game (which would mean she is actually smaller than the Battletoads), she normally appears to be of a tremendous size in the games, usually roughly four times the height of the 'Toads. Throughout the series she usually appears to taunt the 'Toads during the cutscenes; despite her royal stature, she prefers to be no more cultured than the Battletoads themselves, due to the crude nature of her speech which consists primarily of surfer slang and offensive puns (such as calling them "cattle-loads" and "wartfeatures"). She leads a renegade army consisting primarily of anthropomorphic pigs and rats is usually fought as the end boss of the game. Her main sidekicks are initially Big Blag, General Vermin and Robo-Manus, later joined by General Slaughter, Karnath and Admiral Oink.