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Perhaps closest to Dr. Evil is his assistant, Frau Farbissina, founder of the militant wing of The Salvation Army. ("Farbissina" is Yiddish for "embittered". ) In the second film, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, after imbibing some of Austin Powers' mojo Dr. Evil becomes temporarily irresistible and they have sex. However, this leads to an uncomfortable morning-after encounter. In the closing credits she is revealed to be Scott's mother. (In the first film, it is asserted that Scott was created via Dr. Evil's frozen semen, but in the second film Farbissina told him it was a lie. ) In Goldmember, Farbissina and Dr. Evil also kiss while he is in prison; although the two enjoyed it (despite having been established as a lesbian in the previous movie), the purpose was to transfer a key to Evil so that he could escape. She is a parody of the characters Rosa Klebb in the James Bond movie From Russia with Love, and Irma Bunt from On Her Majesty's Secret Service. She does not appear to age as she looked the same in the 1960s as she did in the 1990s, which was used for comedic effect in the film. Dr. Evil meets the younger Number Two and comments 'You look so healthy and youthful. ' Farbissina's voice is heard offscreen and Dr. Evil turns and says, 'And Frau, you look so . . . ' as the audience is shown she has not changed at all, leading Dr. Evil to finish with '. . .  ri-ght'.