Drop Dead Fred Quotes Snotface


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After a pep talk from her friend Janie, Elizabeth moves back into her mother's home, having nowhere else to go. While rummaging through past belongings in her childhood bedroom closet, Elizabeth finds a taped-shut jack-in-the-box, which Polly supposedly trapped Drop Dead Fred in years ago. She places the box by the window and gets into bed. Through a series of flashbacks, it is revealed that while he caused havoc for her, he also gave her happiness and a release from her oppressive mother. Elizabeth wakes up to find the jack-in-the-box slowly playing music. She removes the tape and the box continues to play itself, faster and faster, until Drop Dead Fred flies out of the box, finally freed after all these years. He agrees to help her become happy again, which she believes will only happen when she wins back Charles. However, his childish antics do more harm than good. He sinks Janie's houseboat, causes havoc at a restaurant, and even makes Elizabeth attack a person playing a violin in a shopping mall.