Evan Lysacek Skating


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Evan Lysacek was originally coached by Candice Brown in Naperville. [114] After that, he worked with Deborah Stoery in Naperville, Illinois and Addison, Illinois for three years. For the next two years, he had an arrangement where he would train under both Addison-based Maria Jeżak-Athey and Moscow-based Viktor Kudriavtsev. Kudriavtsev would come to Chicago for part of the year to coach, and Lysacek spent his summers at Kudriavtsev's summer training camps in Moscow, Russia and Flims, Switzerland. When that arrangement proved untenable, Kudriavtsev recommended Lysacek to Carroll, who agreed to coach Lysacek on the condition that Lysacek would work more with Congemi than with himself, due to Carroll's commitments to Timothy Goebel. Lysacek moved to El Segundo, California to work with Frank Carroll and Ken Congemi in June 2003. Lysacek worked with both Congemi and Carroll through the 2006-2007 season, after which he began working solely with Carroll. He has also trained with ballerina Galina Barinova. [115]