Fernando Colunga Y Su Novia 2017


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Later starred in Esmeralda with Leticia Calderon, seen in countries as disparate as Indonesia or the Czech Republic. After the success of Esmeralda in 1997, Fernando makes a foray into the theater with Original Sin Not where he starred with Chantal Andere, starred as Jenny and Bill, an unhappy marriage in the process of destruction. His next show was in 1998, La Usurpadora with Venezuelan actress Gabriela Spanic and actors he had worked before and Juan Pablo Gamboa, Chantal Andere, Alejandro Ruiz, Enrique Lizalde and Dominika Paleta, among others. In this novel gives life to Carlos Daniel Bracho, a man who knows that the usurper, Paulina has replaced his wife Paola is under blackmail of it. "I liked playing him because he is quite different from me, but we seem that we are not sexist. But I think a lot more things and demand that others be respectful to me, because I am with them. Carlos Daniel has a weak character and that's not my case. " In an overview Fernando says "I hardly had time to rest between a novel and another, but I accepted it gladly returned to work with friends and I liked the story. Besides best, was meeting someone as lovely as Gabriela Spanic. We understood so well that I think we are a fantastic couple. Besides, my character is not the typical leading man, is very innovative. " (Soap Opera Magazine). Fernando managed to change a bit the image of the telenovela, "Yeah, I got that the protagonist of the telenovela will use beard and mustache and the costumes were something more casual. This had never been given, because the leading men always have to be impeccable; I've got that, without appearing too casual, my character has a different image, more youthful. " (Soap Opera Magazine)