Gina Philips Jeepers Creepers 3


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In 2001, Philips was cast as a lead in the 2001 horror film Jeepers Creepers. The film received mixed reviews from critics. It was a commercial success, taking in $59,217,789 worldwide. In 2003, Philips was originally going to appear again as Trish Jenner in Jeepers Creepers 2, as the plot was about her character and Patricia Belcher's character hunting down The Creeper, while a school bus full of teens terrorized by The Creeper was just a subplot. But as writer and director Victor Salva worked on the script, the bus plot became more interesting. After rewrites, Philips turned down the chance to reprise her role, as the film mainly concentrated on the bus instead. Her next film was the American comedy-drama The Anarchist Cookbook. The film follows a young honors student-turned-anarchist and his group of anarchist friends, living peacefully in a Dallas commune, until a nihilist appears with a copy of The Anarchist Cookbook and completely destroys their way of life. The film was received with generally negative reviews. Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes shows a freshness rating of 39%, and Metacritic's average review score is 36 out of 100.