Godzilla 2017 Wallpaper Roar


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In the last summer of the 20th century, giant monsters began plaguing Earth and humanity is driven to near extinction by one monster that eliminated the others: Godzilla. It was at that time that two alien races with ulterior motives, the religious Exif and the technologically advanced Bilusaludo, came to Earth to offer their assistance against Godzilla. But after the Bilusaludos' gambit with Mechagodzilla failed before it could be activated, both the aliens and humanity were forced to abandon Earth and emigrate to Tau Ceti e via the Aratrum. Among the humans is Haruo Sakaki, who bore a seething hatred towards Godzilla as his parents were killed during the exodus. 20 years later and 11. 9 light years away from Earth, a fully grown Haruo believes Tau-e is uninhabitable and locks himself in a shuttle that he threatens to detonate unless the ship's committee rescinds the order for his grandfather and the elderly to scout the planet. But Haruo fails and is arrested, thrown in a cell where he witnesses the emigration shuttle explode while entering the planet's atmosphere. Provided classified data by an Exif priest named Metphies, Haruo anonymously publishes an essay detailing Godzilla's weak points to convince the central committee into returning to Earth once they conclude the unlikelihood of finding another habitable world.