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The Main Concourse has also been used as a gathering venue. In the 1960s, the terminal's tenant CBS installed a CBS News television screen above the ticket offices to follow the spaceflights of Project Mercury; thousands would gather in the Main Concourse to watch key events of the flights. [77][78][79] Politicians such as U. S. presidents Calvin Coolidge and Harry S. Truman; presidential candidates Thomas Dewey and Robert F. Kennedy; and governor Herbert Lehman have also held events within the concourse. [80] The Main Concourse has also been used for memorials, including events to commemorate U. S. ambassador to France Myron T. Herrick and former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis after their deaths; celebrations for Martin Luther King Jr. Day; and an impromptu memorial created after the September 11 attacks in 2001. [81] Several celebrations have also taken place at the terminal, such as a celebration for the New York Giants after they won the NFL championship in 1933;[82] an event for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1941;[82][83] and several large parties and New Year's celebrations. [82][84]