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Vanderbilt Hall is an event space housing a food hall on its west side. It was named for the family that built and owned the station and it lies between the terminal's south entrance and the Main Concourse to its north. It was formerly the main waiting room for the terminal, especially for intercity travelers. When intercity service ceased at Grand Central, the room began being used by several hundred homeless people, and thus employees removed its double-sided oak benches and the space was closed off. [N 3] In 1998 the hall was renovated and renamed Vanderbilt Hall, and became used for special events. It is now used for the annual Christmas Market and special exhibitions, and is still rented for private events. In 2016, the west half of the hall became the Great Northern Food Hall, a Nordic-themed upscale food court with five pavilions. It is the first long-term tenant of the space, although New York's Landmarks Preservation Commission has ensured that nothing is installed permanently. Claus Meyer, co-founder of Noma, is operating the food hall and an adjacent restaurant.