Jabba The Hutt Eats Oola


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Jabba subsequently appeared in a handful of episodes of The Clone Wars series, starting in the third season. In the episode "Sphere of Influence", wherein Jabba is faced by Chairman Papanoida, whose daughters were kidnapped by Greedo, Jabba allows a sample of Greedo's blood to be taken to prove him the kidnapper. In the episode "Evil Plans", Jabba hires the bounty hunter Cad Bane to bring him plans for the Senate building. When Bane returns successful, Jabba and the Hutt Council send Bane to free Jabba's uncle Ziro from prison. Jabba next makes a short appearance in the episode "Hunt for Ziro" in which he is seen laughing at his uncle's death at the hand of Sy Snootles, and pays her for delivering Ziro's holo-diary. In the fifth season episode "Eminence", Jabba and the Hutt Council are approached by Shadow Collective leaders Darth Maul, Savage Opress, and Pre Vizsla; when disappointed by these, Jabba sends bounty hunters Embo, Dengar, Sugi, and Latts Razzi to capture them. After a battle, the Shadow Collective confront Jabba at his palace on Tatooine, where Jabba agrees to an alliance.