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Despite receiving positive remarks from the judges at his audition, Verraros began receiving largely negative feedback by the Top 30 semi-finals. Placed into Group 1 for that round he chose to reprise "When I Fall in Love". Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul both called this the best performance that Verraros had given on the series up to that point, but Cowell also called Verraros "ordinary" in comparison to that night's preceding performer, Tamyra Gray, and declared, "I think if you win this competition, we would have failed. " Jessica Shaw of Entertainment Weekly called this the harshest critique that Cowell had given to any contestant on the series up to that point. Season one co-host Brian Dunkleman recalled in a 2014 podcast overhearing the judges say that they were going to "nail Jim" on the night of the semi-finals. After the performance, Dunkleman offered Verraros reassurance, but during a commercial break, the series' executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, purportedly took Dunkleman backstage and raged against him for not further demoralizing Verraros. Dunkleman recounted this as a partial explanation for why he quit the series after its first season.