John A. Gotti Charles Herbert Gotti


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In 1998, Gotti was indicted under RICO, charging that he was not only the acting boss of the Gambino family, but received millions of dollars from numerous Gambino rackets. Many of the charges related to attempts to extort money from the owners and employees of Scores, an upscale strip club in Manhattan. According to the indictment, the Gambinos had forced the owners of Scores to pay $1 million over a six-year period in order to stay in business, with Gotti's share of the money totaling $100,000. In addition to the lists seized in the 1997 raid, prosecutors obtained transcripts of prison conversations in which Gotti Jr. received advice from his father on how to run the family. Faced with overwhelming evidence, Gotti pleaded guilty to reduced charges of loansharking, bookmaking, and extortion, and gave testimonial information against other mobsters, such as John Alite. He was sentenced in 1999 to 77 months in prison and was released early in 2001. Gotti was found guilty on other charges in 2002 and sentenced again. Federal prosecutors say his uncle, Peter Gotti, became head of the Gambino organization after the younger Gotti was sent to prison. In a February 27, 2015 interview with The Daily News, Gotti denied the claims that he was a snitch. He claimed that he did give the FBI information but that it was false information and that no indictments resulted from the information he gave agents.