Jotaro Kujo Point


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The story begins in 1987, centered on troublesome student Jotaro Kujo, grandson of Joseph Joestar through his daughter Holly, who moved from America to Japan. Jotaro has been arrested for hospitalizing four men, and refuses to leave his cell, claiming that their injuries were caused by an evil spirit possessing him. After being called by Holly, Joseph arrives with an associate, the Egyptian fortuneteller Mohammed Avdol. They explain that Jotaro’s "evil spirit" is actually a psychic manifestation of his fighting spirit, called a Stand, and reveal that they possess Stands as well. Joseph explains that the sudden appearance of Stands among the Joestar bloodline is caused by the nemesis of his grandfather, Jonathan Joestar: the vampire Dio Brando. Having succeeded in taking Jonathan's body after his assumed demise in the 19th century and resurfacing a few years prior, Dio has awoken his own Stand and recruited Stand-using assassins to kill Jonathan's remaining descendants. Soon after, Jotaro is attacked by the first of these assassins, Noriaki Kakyoin. Jotaro defeats Kakyoin, but manages to rescue him from Dio’s influence. When it is revealed that Holly’s developing Stand is killing her due to her lack of fighting spirit, Jotaro, Joseph, Avdol, and the reformed Kakyoin begin a journey to Egypt to kill Dio and save Holly's life.