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Using information provided by Creasy, Manzano is able to identify the "Voice" as Daniel Sanchez, who Mariana then exposes on the front page of her newspaper. Creasy sneaks into the home of Daniel's brother, Aurelio, finding Daniel's pregnant wife and three of his children. Aurelio shoots Creasy, but Creasy tortures him and has the wife phone Daniel. Creasy threatens to kill all of Daniel's family unless he gives himself up, but Daniel surprisingly offers to exchange Pita for Creasy himself. After Daniel is able to provide confirmation that Pita is alive, Creasy agrees to the demands. Creasy has Lisa meet him at the exchange, having her hold a shotgun to Aurelio's head. Creasy and Pita embrace and briefly talk, then he makes her run to Lisa, who releases Aurelio while Creasy surrenders to the kidnappers. As Lisa and Pita drive away, Pita sees Creasy surrender to the kidnappers. Creasy succumbs to his wounds as Daniel and his men drive away with him. Manzano, knowing Pita is free and Creasy is dead, kills Daniel during his "arrest".