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The Sprixie Princesses[af] are the rulers of the Sprixie Kingdom and the Sprixies, a race of fairies. They appear in Super Mario 3D World. The green Sprixie Princess is the sole Sprixie Princess and refers to the others as her followers. The green Sprixie Princess first appears when Mario and Luigi find and repair a Clear Pipe. The pipe promptly ejects a large number of items before the princess emerges. The green Sprixie Princess tells the group that the Sprixie Kingdom is in danger, as Bowser had managed to capture the other six princesses and that she had only narrowly escaped his grasp. Moments after she emerges, however, Bowser comes up through the same pipe, captures the green Sprixie Princess in a bottle, and retreats down the pipe. The group quickly follows after Bowser in order to rescue the kingdom, and they soon find that each Sprixie Princess is guarded in one of the first seven worlds' castles. Defeating the boss of the castle will reveal a Warp Box that takes the group to a room containing both the Goal Pole and the imprisoned Sprixie.