Number 3 Clip Art


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Three remains the largest number still written with the number of lines corresponding to the value (though the Ancient Romans usually wrote 4 as IIII, the subtractive notation IV became the preferred notation throughout and after the Middle Ages). To this day, 3 is written as three lines in Roman and Chinese numerals. This is also true regarding the Brahmin Indians' numerical notation. However, the path towards the modern glyph began with the Gupta, who modified the number through the addition of a curve on each line. Henceforth, the Nagari rotated the lines in a clockwise manner, and began ending each line with a slight downward stroke on the right. Eventually, these strokes were connected (as a result of ease, in a manner similar to cursive) with the lines below, and therefore rendered the number a glyph that possesses many similarities to the modern 3, albeit with an additional stroke at the bottom as рей. The Western Ghubar Arabs, however, possess the accomplishment of eliminating the additional stroke and hence creating the modern 3.