Park Yoochun And Park Yoohwan


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On June 2016, while in the middle of his two-year mandatory military service, Park became a subject of a number of sexual assault allegations from several women. Park's agency denied all allegations. On July 14, all charges against Park were dropped by the police, and the lawyers for the artist then sued for defamation and blackmail. On January 17, 2017, Seoul Central District Criminal Court 15 Single Judge Choi Jong Jin, ruled in favor of Park, pronouncing a guilty verdict for the defendants and giving full term sentences as demanded by the prosecution. [citation needed] One woman (Miss Lee) was sentenced to two years imprisonment, her accomplices: 1) boyfriend (Mr. Lee) to one year and six months and 2) the gang member (Mr. Hwang) to two years and six months (one year less than prosecution's demand). The second accuser, a Miss Song (woman B), was indicted by the Prosecutors and charged with False Accusation and Defamation last March 13, 2017. [citation needed] The first trial was held at Seoul Central District Court on April 4, 2017, where the defendant requested for a public trial. In October 25, 2017, Miss Song received a final ruling of not guilty for alleged false accusation and defamation in both her first and second trials. Though the prosecution filed for an appeal on the verdict, the supreme court revealed on December 22 that they denied the request putting an end to an 18-month-long legal battle.