Peyton Sawyer Quotes


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The character's wardrobe originally encompassed a rocker yet feminine look. She would drive around in a vintage car, listening to loud rock, often wearing a Ramones T-shirt. "[Burton] – I just love her. Working with her (has) been wonderful. For her, [Peyton's] more of the do-it-yourself girl. She's so into music, art, she's such a rich character that there are a lot of different things to draw on," stated One Tree Hill's costume designer, Carol Cutshall. "Sometimes she'll just be in a plaid flannel shirt because she's painting. Some days she'll be in a concert T-shirt. We have to find the right concert T-shirt. I do alter them a lot. " Cutshall would take a men's concert T-shirt, and have Burton put it on. "She's also very, very slender, so I'll taper them down to her figure. We come out of it with kind of a one-o-f-a-kind rock T-shirt. I take something and then turn it into my own piece of clothing," said Cutshall. Peyton's main brands have been Cheap Monday, Levi's, some Diesel and Miss Sixty.