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Bullock and her sister began to frequent nightclubs in St. Louis and East St. Louis. At Club Manhattan, a nightclub in the East St. Louis area, she first saw Ike Turner and his band, the Kings of Rhythm, perform. Bullock was impressed by the band's music and Ike's talent, claiming the bandleader's music put her "into a trance. " Bullock felt the urge to sing on stage with Ike's band despite the fact that few women had ever sung with him. One night in 1957, 17-year-old Bullock was given a microphone by Kings of Rhythm drummer Eugene Washington during an intermission; she sang the B. B. King blues ballad, "You Know I Love You". Upon hearing Bullock sing, Turner asked her if she knew more songs; she was allowed to sing that night, becoming a featured vocalist with the Kings of Rhythm from then on. Through this period, Ike taught her the finer points of voice control and performance. Bullock's first studio recording was in 1958, under the name "Little Ann", on the Ike Turner song "Box Top", where she is credited as a vocalist on the record alongside fellow Kings of Rhythm singer Carlson Oliver.