Saath Nibhaana Saathiya Vishal Singh


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The Modis rescue a girl, named Sita Rathod (Shruti Prakash), from a forced marriage. Her stepmother, Bhavani (Priya Marathe) falls in love with Dharam, separates him from Meera and compells her to leave the house. Gopi learns that Vidya is not her daughter; there was a baby swap. Gopi's child is Ramakant (Rohit Suchanti), a spoiled and selfish young man, living in Singapore. She goes there with Jaggi, to retrieve her son. He heavily troubles the Modis, but is unable to return to Singapore due to his criminal record. The Modis arrange his marriage to Sita, but on the wedding day, he elopes with and marries Sameera Pankaj (Priya Tandon), who turns out to be Anita's daughter. Unknown to Ramakant, Sameera wants revenge from the Modis, blaming them for her mother's death. She joins hands with Bhavani and her accomplice, Pinku (Vishal), to ruin the Modi family. Meera returns and vows to win Dharam back. Together with Vidya, Gopi, Jaggi, Kokila and the rest of the family, she exposes all the villains' crimes (including Bhavani killing her husband and Sita's father, Keshavlal (Rajesh Puri), so that she can be with Dharam) and sends them to jail. Ramakant also apologises for his past mistakes and expresses his genuine feelings for Sita. The series ends with Sita and Ramakant's wedding and everybody living happily ever after.