Sea Hag Costume


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The Sea Hag is one of the central enemies of Popeye the Sailor. She is the last witch on earth, and a pirate who sails the Seven Seas in her ship "The Black Barnacle. " She has a headquarters on Plunder Island, where she keeps a pride of lions that she uses to dispatch her enemies. She also has a deep knowledge of magic artifacts, and has used many of them to great effect over the years. She is able to practice Voodoo magic and powerful enough to capture the equally magical Eugene the Jeep (though in the 1961 cartoon, "Myskery Melody," she declares her magic is powerless against him, and is subsequently shown running as Eugene attacks her with magical electricity from his tail), and on one occasion Santa Claus. She can even alter her appearance to that of her alter ego, "Rose of the Sea. " The Sea Hag has a pet vulture named Bernard as her familiar. Bernard is abnormally strong and can easily carry a human in flight. The Sea Hag also commands an army of Goons. The most famous of the Goons is Alice the Goon.