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Kohta Hirano (平野 コータ, Hirano Kōta) is a 16-year-old second-year student at Fujimi High School who appears to be just another wimpy overweight guy with glasses, but is actually a gun enthusiast. [ch.  2,11] He credits this to a visit to America, where he trained with a former Delta Force member for a month. [ch.  6][a] In the beginning of the story, Saya finds Kohta cringing in the hallway as students run about in a panic. [ch.  1] They hide in a classroom where Hirano is able to put together a nail gun rifle powered by gas cartridges. [vol.  5:extra,ch2] Kohta has an unrequited crush on Saya. [ch.  2] Kohta provides long-range cover when Takashi rescues Alice Maresato from approaching zombies after Alice's father is killed. [ch.  7] At Saya's mansion, Kohta is confronted by some of Takagi's followers who demand that he surrender his weapons, but Kohta refuses saying this is the one thing he was good at and that he wants to protect Saya. The rest of the group, including Saya, support him. [ch.  11]