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Sinoceratops was a larger ceratopsian ornithischian, with an estimated length of about 6 metres (19. 7 ft), weight of 2 tonnes (2. 0 long tons; 2. 2 short tons), and height of about 2 metres (6. 6 ft). Thomas R. Holtz Jr. estimated its length at 7 metres (23 ft) and weight at 2. 3 tonnes (2. 3 long tons; 2. 5 short tons), the weight of a rhinoceros. It has a short, hooked horn on its nose (called a nasal horn), no horns above its eyes (brow horns), and a short neck frill with a series of forward-curving hornlets that gave the frill a crown-like appearance. Inside this row of hornlets there is a series of low knobs on the top of the frill, which are not seen in any other horned dinosaur. Sinoceratops is a member of the short-frilled ceratopsids, the Centrosaurinae. Holotype specimen ZCDM V0010 consists of a partial skull with most elements of the skull roof and partial braincase. The skull of Sinoceratops is estimated to be 180 cm (5. 9 ft) long making it one of the largest known centrosaurine skulls.