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Space Marines lead a lifestyle comparable to monastic warrior orders or martial elites from various periods of human history, dividing their time between combat training, ritual contemplation, and the waging of war. From the time of their initiation to their deaths in battle, they spend their entire multi-century lives fighting for their religion centring around the deified, extremely powerful Emperor of Mankind, and fight also for the survival of Mankind. They have been genetically and physically enhanced with organ implants and other non-mechanical augmentations collectively referred to as "gene-seed" that ultimately derive from the Emperor's own flesh. They are 8 feet tall (2. 438 meters) in their Power Armour]], a fully powered and ceramite-crafted shell of armour, and wield the finest small-arms weaponry available to the Imperium. Recently introduced are the Primaris Space Marines, an even more powerful variant of Adeptus Astartes clad in new Mk X armour. They were created by the Mechanicus Archmagos Belisarius Cawl, and are largely seen in action with new Chapters of Primaris Space Marines constantly being created and existing chapters welcoming Primaris reinforcements.