Species 3 Eve


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In Abbot's absence, Sara undergoes a pupal metamorphosis that ages her into a young woman. Abbot's superior, Dr. Turner, arrives at the house seeking Abbot and comes across Sara, who initially tries to seduce him but then rejects him when she senses imperfections in his genes. He attempts to rape her, and Sara kills him. Sara leaves to seek a mate, while Abbot discovers the evidence of her transformation and disposes of Turner's body. Sara eventually connects with another half-breed but discovers his illnesses and rejects him as well. As Abbot and Dean continue their experiments on Sara, Dean begins to bond with her. Abbot informs Dean of the government's "Project Athena," which created Sil in the first film and Sara's heritage as the child of an astronaut infected with alien DNA and Eve, Sil's clone. The half-breed Sara rejected breaks into the lab, mortally wounds Abbot and attempts to impregnate Sara, but is killed by hydrochloric gas Abbot sprays over the lab. Left alone, Dean ponders whether to continue Abbot's work, and Sara urges him to save her species.