Teri Bauer


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Teri eventually discovers that the man claiming to be Alan York is an impostor when Nina Myers phones her to tell her that a body Jack found is the real Alan York. The man posing as him is actually Kevin Carroll. She fakes being carsick to get him to pull the car over and uses that opportunity to escape. However, Kevin listens to a voicemail left by Gaines telling him that Teri has just learned that he is not Alan York. He goes to find her, but is knocked out by Teri with a rock. She ties him to a tree with cables and calls CTU for help. Agents come to pick her up, but they are in fact Gaines's men and instead take her to the compound where Kim is. Both collaborate to escape with Rick's help. One of Gaines's men, Eli attempts to rape Kim, but Teri offers herself instead, saying she won't fight him off. Eli accepts and takes Teri into another room. When they come back, Teri reveals that she was able to steal Eli's cell phone and uses it to call Jack, but he is unable to find them when the battery dies while running a trace on the phone. When Gaines orders Eli to kill her and Kim, Teri shoots him with a gun that was given to them by Rick, killing him. They hide his body and they are soon rescued after Jack has Kevin bring him to the compound. Rick steals one of the vans from Gaines and they all try to escape, but the van is shot out of commission. During the shootout, Jack orders Teri and Kim to take his GPS and run to where the CTU chopper will be arriving. The chopper soon arrives and they are flown to safety.