Ultimate Cyclops Banshee


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A former student of Doctor Diehard (a pastiche of Magneto and Professor X) and leader of his Zen-Men (a pastiche of the X-Men themselves), he joined the Metamilitia when Americommando became President of the U. S. A. and approved the "Metahuman Act". Similar to the unfolding of events during Marvel's Civil War, the pro-registration heroes subdued the anti-registration ones; unlike the Marvel Universe wherein Cyclops and the X-Men remained neutral in the conflict, the Zen-Men on the alternative Earth of Angor were besieged by the Metamilitia, who feared their power. Although Doctor Diehard assured Americommando of their neutrality, the Zen Men were interned in a concentration camp and inhibitor chips were embedded in their hands. One-Eye switched sides, joining the Metamilitia out of fear and to avoid detention. After witnessing the rape of the Silver Sorceress (a pastiche of the Scarlet Witch) and the murder of her brother Jack B. Quick (a pastiche of Quicksilver), One-Eye damaged his chip and led the Zen-Men in rebellion. [volume & issue needed]