Zelda Wind Waker Iphone Wallpaper


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While often noting fans' ambivalence about the cel shading, critics praised the game's visuals. Reviewers likened the game to a playable cartoon, [65] with several positively comparing the animation to the films of Disney and Hayao Miyazaki. [64] In particular, critics appreciated the characters' unique expressiveness, [62] and found that the fine details and environments added richness to the game world. [62]Famitsu's reviewers wrote that the rich design brings all the game's elements together into a cohesive whole. Electronic Gaming Monthly's reviewers found the animation quality unparalleled in games and wrote that "The Wind Waker's new look is as effective as it is unique". Matt Casamassina of IGN said that despite some fans' distaste for the graphics, Nintendo's execution represented the pinnacle of the GameCube's capabilities and of cel shading technology. Jeff Gerstmann of GameSpot said that skepticism about the visuals was "unfounded", and wrote that the character design "adds emotional weight" to the storyline. [62] One Nintendo Power reviewer wrote that despite his initial skepticism, the visuals worked "brilliantly, framing the most enjoyable game play experience I've had since Ocarina of Time". [65]