Adrian Garcia Bogliano


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In response to the incident, Garcia fired six jail officers and disciplined others. Later that year, the bipartisan Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus awarded Garcia the Suzanne McDaniel Memorial Award for Public Awareness for his work against human trafficking. In February 2015, Garcia allowed his deputy Sheriff to become the first American deputy Sheriff to be allowed to serve wearing the Sikh articles of faith (a turban and beard) as a part of his uniform. Garcia stated that he would have to step down from his position in May 2015 in order to run for the Mayor of Houston, as per Texas law that requires the Sheriff to resign if running for another office. Upon his resignation, the Houston Chronicle wrote that, “commissioners would be doing the citizens of Harris County a disservice if they choose a successor eager to burnish his or her law-and-order, get-tough-on-crime credentials by undoing the progressive reforms Garcia has implemented in the large and unwieldy department he supervises. ”