Nicolas Coster


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He returned to daytime television by first creating his Robert Delaney role on Another World during the weeks preceding the premiere of Somerset in March 1970. When the Delaneys were written out of that show in 1972, he went over to Another World where he played the role until 1976. Coster returned to the role briefly during the summer of 1980. He later played gangster-turned-informant Anthony Makana on One Life to Live but left to create the role of Lionel Lockridge on the new serial Santa Barbara. He left his role on that show briefly due to lack of storyline for his character, and during his 30-month hiatus, he played Travis Montgomery's kidnapper Steve Andrews on the ABC soap opera All My Children (briefly becoming involved with Erica Kane) and returned to Another World for its 25th anniversary in 1989. He later returned to Santa Barbara in the spring of 1990 when emphasis on the Lockridge family was restored, but the show was eventually canceled in January 1993. He returned to play a second role on As the World Turns from 1993–1995, once again playing one of Lisa's many husbands, Eduard Grimaldi.