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Cougar in arkansas

Cougar in arkansas


I was sitting in my SUV at Walmart when a friend walked up and started a conversation. We talked about the dozens of mountain lion sightings in south Arkansas, and then he mentioned a confirmed sighting west of Magnolia of a female mountain lion with three cubs. There have been many other reports not only in south Arkansas, but in northwest Arkansas near the Buffalo National River.

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But when you see a feral hog, blast away. The ultimate proof of how far a mountain lion can roam is the discovery of a mountain lion in New England this past year that had been tagged in Colorado.

Agfc confirms mountain lion sighting near mammoth spring

That sounds as if we can spot a cougar on every corner, but knowing how many were actually spotted and then considering the deep woods in srkansas Ozarks, Ouachitas, and the old growth timber along our major rivers, you might conclude I have underestimated the. If you agree, send an to Stan.

Why mountain lions would come to Arkansas is also an easy question to answer: Feral hogs, possibly as many as a million, roam our woods, and they are a lot easier to catch than a spooked whitetail deer. So hunters, for God's sake, don't shoot a mountain lion, but nail every feral hog you see. For those mountain lion sightings with verifiable evidence, the public is encouraged to contact the nearest AGFC office. At least wolves and bobcats were killed, but no mountain lions were taken.

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Mountain backpage escort kansas city mo — also known as pumas and cougars — lived throughout Arkansas until about If you add the known sightings and extrapolate them to get a definitiveit could increase to cougars. Or, in the case of cyclists, mountain biking alone on a trail and stopping to bend over your bike and fix the fallen chain.

The Singles caht and Fish Commission should recognize the obvious: There are probably over cougars in the state, and there is a breeding population. Mother Nature is doing her best to return a balanced ecosystem to our state by filling the predator vacuum with cougars, coyotes, bobcats, and bears.

In Novembera deer hunter shot and killed a pound male mountain lion east of Hermitage in Bradley County.

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An estimate of the cougars would have to take into that they are only found in the least populated areas of the state and are very shy about being seen. By the way, the young piglets are a super edible part of the feral hog population. And as expected, most of the sightings were adjacent to dense timber, usually near major streams. Feral hogs are taking over. arkznsas

We can conclusively state that we have somewhere around 20 to 30 cougars rakansas our state, and based on a recent sighting of a female with three cubs, we have a breeding population. And of course, we must arkannsas that not everyone in the state re my column, which doesn't appear regularly in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. A few mountain lion sightings in Missouri, Oklahoma and Louisiana 3 penis extension have been confirmed in recent years.

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For more detail you can explore using the links below.

We have removed most of the small animals' predators, and the population of raccoons, possums, armadillos, and feral hogs has exploded. Our quail are gone because the predators that held down the population of scavengers that eat quail eggs have been eliminated. The current disappearance of our quail is an clugar example.

Biologists were able to verify the photo and its location.

Arkansas mountain lions

Ramer, 62, of Bastrop, Louisiana, told wildlife officers the mountain lion was moving toward his deer stand and he felt threatened. Mountain lions are in Arkansas because they have an extended range, and that is determined by the amount of prey available to the animals. The st louis hook up of mountain lions in Arkansas is the fact that last year a deer hunter killed one in Bradley County.

We should be helping in this restoration by protecting the cougars, closing bear season, discouraging the shooting of coyotes and bobcats, and putting a bounty on feral hogs. Adding to the sighting in southwest Arkansas, a local doctor told me he and his wife had seen two mountain lions cross the road west of Magnolia.

Mountain lions in the state of arkansas

English US. This is the 14th confirmed Arkansas sighting of a mountain lion since The ecology couga the natural world is complex and intertwined, and when a species is removed it has a direct effect on other species.

Richard Mason sweet ecard a registered professional geologist, downtown developer, former chairman of the Department of Environmental Quality Board of Commissioners, past president of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation, and syndicated columnist. You could throw rocks, backpacking gear, sticks or whatever you can find to dissuade a cougar from viewing you as prey.

Richard Mason is a registered professional geologist, downtown developer, former chairman of the Department of Environmental Quality Board of Commissioners, past president of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation, and syndicated columnist. Rein in dogs on leashes because they can provoke aggression in wildlife. The quail nests have been destroyed by this overwhelming increase in these quail egg-eating animals. The AGFC offered bounties santas xxx hired trappers to control predators during Considering the above, it is clear that cougars are present in our state, and not just a arkanzas cat or two that escaped from cages.

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With bears and other large predators, the survival skills are different, so only apply these tips to cougar encounters. If you consider all the hogs, a population chennai gay over 2 million is a minimum that will roam our forests, and you don't have to be a math genius to see the impending disaster. The Commission is doing a great job in restoring our turkey, deer, and bear populations. Cugar fishing lakes are some of the best in the nation, and the Commission represents the best interests of our hunters and fishermen of our state.

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